Effective communication in Social Services
Change the way we explain ourselves to give value to what we do

Training programs for professionals and Social Services teams

“When we change the way we communicate, we change society”. Clay Shirky

Public and private budgets dedicated to Social Services have not stopped growing in recent years. In some Local Administrations they represent up to 85% of their budget. But this investment effort is not always perceived and valued by the territory, the strengths of its actions are scarcely known by the citizens, and even stereotypes and old visions that have little to do with what Social Services are today persist.

Other sectors of our society have managed to reverse similar situations. Innovation in Social Services is also changing the way we explain and communicate, to make visible its potential as an agent that contributes in a decisive way to social cohesion and the quality of life of people.


Strengthen the reputation and brand of Social Services in the territory; know the environment to implement more productive communication; acquire effective and practical communication skills; learn to structure the message with an optimal use of the data and the strengths of the organization and the services.


Program of 15h., Formed by 5 workshops of 3h. Days and times to be arranged.

It also offers the possibility of complementing this training program with the completion of a report, which includes: diagnosis, recommendations and roadmap for improving the marketing and communication of local Social Services. Realization time: 2 months.

Content of training:

Key elements to protect and enhance the reputation. Identification of groups of interest: who they are, what they want, how they communicate. Explore the keys to improve the image of Social Services in the territory. The identity of Social Services: how we are perceived today and what we want to achieve. Skills to communicate better with our environment. Learn to use data and tools to make visible the value of Social Services. How to make a communication plan and put it into practice.

Teaching team:

Team of 4 people with expertise in marketing and communication, and with experience in the field of Social Services.

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