Postgraduate course in public management of local Social Services

In collaboration with ACM and UB

The Catalan Association of Municipalities (ACM), the University of Barcelona (UB), through the School of Social Work, and the iSocial Foundation, offer this university program in the field of social services, specifically oriented to the staff at the service of local public administrations and, in particular, those who are technicians and managers in the area of social services.

The Postgraduate Course in Public Management of Local Social Services is a university degree from the UB, organized jointly with the ACM and the iSocial Foundation, and adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) system.



    1. Provide specialized training for the understanding of the social services system within the framework of social policies and their development within the framework of local administration.
    2. Develop the competences typical of the management role of local social services; with particular emphasis on personal and professional growth, which allows leadership in the organization and support the cohesion of teams and the growth of the professionals who form them.
    3. Offer tools for analyzing social reality, designing and articulating the portfolio of social services at the local level, taking into account the differences both in the local authorities (municipalities and counties), in size and / or specific organizational characteristics.
    4. To train professionals in the use of the tools needed for the planning, implementation and evaluation of social services within the framework of local public administration.
    5. To train students so that they are, in turn, able to transmit knowledge and reflections and to strengthen the professionals of the system so that they can develop a critical look that allows them to rethink, individually and collectively, deep and holistic the system of social services in the municipality.
    6. Providing a collaborative space for students that allows them to share situations, reflections and solutions to situations they face as social service managers.


Postgraduate course of 30 credits and 256 hours face-to-face, for managers and technicians of Social Services of the 937 city councils of the Catalan Association of Municipalities (ACM).

It is held in the training room of the ACM, at its headquarters on Valencia Street in the city of Barcelona, and among the teachers are experts and collaborators of the iSocial Foundation, teachers the School of Social Work at the University of Barcelona, and specialists in various subjects from other Catalan universities. The course includes a thematic block on innovation in Social Services, which is the responsibility of the iSocial Foundation.

Contents of training:

The program has an academic load of 30 ECTS credits and aims to provide a complete and applied training in the public management of social services in local administration. This Postgraduate Diploma seeks to combine specialized theoretical contents with practical experiences, both from different local authorities and other successful experiences, that provide the most appropriate techniques and instruments for public management in the field of social services, emphasizing innovation and best practices to highlight those aspects that contribute to the quality of social services and the public organizations that manage them. In this way, the administration, as a holder of the public service, will be able to guarantee an optimum level of management and operation of local entities, improving the service provided to society.

Teaching team:

The teaching staff of the Postgraduate course combines the presence of university teachers, – with the participation of teachers from the University of Barcelona, the University of Girona, the University of Lleida and the Rovira i Virgili University of Tarragona – with teachers with extensive experience in the management of organizations in general and of social services in particular, both in the public sector, the Third Sector and the commercial private sector. This diverse teaching team seeks to offer the participants of the Program a broad view of the management of local social services, both from a theoretical and practical point of view, while also looking for an interdisciplinary, transversal and integrated approach to public management of Local Social Services

Director and coordination:

Directed by: Dr. Violeta Quiroga (UB)

Coordination: Núria Fustier (UB) and Toni Codina (iSocial Foundation)


To register for the course, you must do so through the ACM, which funds 50% of each enrollment, and be a Social Services professional in some of the municipalities associated with the institution. You can consult the program of the course here, or on the websites of the ACM and the UB.

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