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Apptu@, an app that helps break isolation and alleviate stigma in mental health


Innovative, interactive and close mobile app that allows for more continuous, close and close contact between users, professionals and volunteers of three mental health programs: Actua, Actua Jove and Actua Dona. This app also aims to raise public awareness about the collective suffering from mental health problems, while providing information that may be of interest to all citizens.

The three programmes included in Apptu@ are community-based, integrative and care-focused that provide support for life in a self-employed capacity for people with issues resulting from mental disorder, as well as women who have also suffered or suffer from male violence in parallel. With Apptu@, social contact between beneficiary and voluntary persons is enhanced.

The application is divided into two parts: one public and one private. Within the public, which is destined for any individual in society – such as people from the mental health collective, health professionals and the social sector, people interested in volunteering, relatives, students, young people, collaborating administrations, etc. – you can know the Actua programmes, as well as the different services and resources that form the Grup ATRA. It also attempts to promote inclusive volunteering and networking. But basically, the app aims to give visibility to the people of the mental health collective, as this helps to break stereotypes and alleviate stigma.

As far as the private part is concerned, Apptu@ allows one to work agreements and goals individually with the users of the program, following them more directly and continuously over time and making them participants of the common project that is Actua.

Image extracted from the Grup ATRA web.

Type of activity:

Instrumental improvement


Catalonia (Barcelona and Garraf)




Although the Grup ATRA had long had the idea of creating this app, the outbreak of the coronavirus accelerated its conception, as it was essential that during the months where social contact had to be reduced, Actua users could continue to communicate and interact with their professionals or reference volunteers.

Level of implementation:

The app has been available for both Android and iOS since October 2020 and has already had over a hundred downloads.

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