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B·MINCOME, looking for the best way out of poverty and exclusion
Barcelona City Council

B·MINCOME is a pilot project for the establishment of a municipal inclusion salary in the city of Barcelona, which is testing with one thousand vulnerable families in the ten most deprived Barcelona neighborhoods, the efficacy and efficiency of combining a stable financial help with active social-employment policies.

B·MINCOME is a project pilot to fight against poverty and inequality based in the development of an integral policy which combines a public passive policy (a Municipal Inclusive Support, a financial help that supplements the income of the selected people and families) with four active social-employment policies: a combined education and employment plan; actions for the encouragement of the socio-collaborative economy; grants for the rehabilitation of homes which may allow room rentals; and a program for participation in community networks.

Foto: Barcelona City Council

Type of activity:

Pilot project



Partners / Funders:

Urban Innovative Actions UE Program, The Young Foundation, UPC, IGOP/UAB, NOVAACT, Ivàlua


B·MINCOME implementation has been possible thanks to extensive previous analysis. For the first time, an administration has obtained data from the Spanish Revenue Service at neighborhood and census section levels which have allowed to know the income of all taxpayers, not just those who fill their annual tax return. From the data, the municipality has been able to study the income and poverty levels of the city in great detail. Likewise, for the first time, a survey on the living conditions of users of social services has been taken into account which has permitted to analyze in detail the characteristics of more than 12,000 people who receive municipal attention.

Implementation level:

For two years, from October 2017 to September 2019, one-thousand families have received different types of income which may have been combined with social and labor policies. Project results are evaluated during the fourth quarter of 2019.

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