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La Inclusivadora, centre for the promotion of self-employment and entrepreneurship for people with intellectual disabilities


Centre for the promotion of self-employment and entrepreneurship for people with intellectual disabilities, which offers different inclusive workspaces, such as a Coworking (shared workspace for people who want to develop their personal and professional projects) and a Fablab (digital creation space with the latest technology, such as 3D printers, which is ideal for promoting the manufacture of small-scale prototypes), designed for training and digital experimentation, both for people with and without disabilities.

The Catalan Down’s Syndrome Foundation (FCSD) launched this project with the intention of creating a work and training space to promote self-employment for people with Down’s syndrome or other intellectual disabilities who want to start entrepreneurial projects. These spaces are also open to all those people who want to carry out entrepreneurial projects that share the values of the FCSD.

From these spaces, the Inclusivadora aims to provide courses and workshops to learn basic knowledge about the use of Fablab technology, as well as social activities open to everyone, but also to teach basic knowledge about how to carry out a business and/or personal project, thanks to individualized advice and mentoring in entrepreneurship.

La Inclusivadora was created with the aim of encouraging interaction between people with and without disabilities and creating a more diverse and enriching work environment. The key to these spaces is the exchange of knowledge between the different agents.

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Type of activity:

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La Inclusivadora arises as a response to the problems encountered by people with some kind of intellectual disability in entering the world of work, given that the unemployment rate in this segment of the population is 23%. With this project, the aim is to connect people with intellectual disabilities and people without, in order to create joint and enriching work spaces that can motivate entrepreneurship.

Level of implementation:

At this stage the project has two workspaces (Coworking and Fablab), but in the future it aims to build important relationships with other entities, as well as to become an inclusive Coworking and Fablab of reference in Catalonia. It also seeks to become an open space in the neighbourhood and to be able to link entrepreneurial projects to the FCSD.

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