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La Mosqueta, web page with multimedia activities for children with disabilities
El Maresme Foundation, L’Arboç School

Learning web page for children 0-4 years with motor, sensory, cognitive and emotional disabilities or with serious behavioral, social or cultural disorders. The web page offers a broad catalog of multimedia activities aimed at developing the motor skills, cognitive and communicative skills of children. Children can access four types of learning activities: cause-effect, basic skills, stories and painting.

The differentiating feature of the web page is the form of access to the activities which allows that people with serious motor or relationship problems are able use all of them.

Children access the computer by Scanning, a simplified form of access to the computer or tablet using two unique buttons, one that is used to do the search and the other to perform the action. These buttons can be the two mouse clicks, the space and enter keys on the keyboard, or switches that emulate them.

Foto: La Mosqueta

Type of activity:

New service


El Maresme (Catalonia)

Partners / Funders:

Amida, El casal digital, TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme


In 1999 it is published as a CD. Subsequently, as of 2008, it becomes a web page. And the year 2017 is renewed, expanded and updated, with the implementation of all the activities in a new format and other improvements such as the possibility of using the space and enter keys when reproducing the activities per directed circle.

Implementation level:

In 2017, the Maresme Foundation assisted in the diagnostic and early care service of 1,687 children. La Mosqueta web page is one of the resources recommended by this service.

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