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OSM, support for essential professionals to deal with crisis situations and strong stress

Program to help first responders and professionals of essential services (social, health sector, emergency…) manage crisis and stress situations, such as Covid-19.  It features online tools, such as Podcasts recorded by specialists, and also in-person activities, based on the OSM method (Operational Stress Management).

The OSM method works the resilience to adversity, teamwork, stress management, and decision-making in crisis contexts.  It addresses essential service professionals who work not only in situations of physical danger, but also of great psychological pressure, and who suffer from anxiety, depression, stress and, in extreme cases, risk of suicide.  The goal of the OSM programme is that public servants are able to serve citizenship in a more effective and at the same time healthy way.

Type of activity:

New service


New Jersey (USA)


NATAL (Israel Trauma and Resiliency Center) and UASI (Urban Areas Security Initiative)


This type of program was created in 1998 in Israel by the NATAL organization to treat psychological trauma and stress situations, mainly from health professionals, in contexts of terrorism and armed conflict. UASI has subsequently implemented this strategy in the State of New Jersey, USA.

Level of implementation:

In Israel, NATAL has 250 therapists and over 180 volunteers trained to provide this type of assistance according to the OSM methodology. In New Jersey, UASI has different teams in the large metropolitan areas of this state, the most populated in the United States.

Witnesses of professionals who have participated in the activities of the OSM program are very positive, stating that it has brought about a great change in their lives to better understand resilience and, at the same time, having tools to manage the stress and crises they face in their daily work.

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