A selection of documents, videos, presentations and infographics that offer useful information to professionals in the social action sector that seek to innovate.


Codina, Toni; Why artificial intelligence will transform social services, Barcelona 2020

Current initiatives that try to harness the potential of artificial intelligence to strengthen and improve wellness systems.


Navarro, Sílvia; Pensamiento creativo y acción social innovadora, Madrid 2020

Book that analyzes the need of the social action sector today to rethink and innovate, and which offers practical clues and tools on how to do it.


Nesta, Help me innovate, London 2019

Website that explains the stages of social innovation and offers a broad guide of practical resources to achieve the objectives of innovation pursued.


DIY, Practical, tools to triguer and support social innovation, London 2018

Video in English that explains the tools to invent, adopt or adapt ideas that offer better results.



Fantova, Fernando; “Los Servicios Sociales ante la inteligencia de grandes cantidades de datos (big data)”, Barcelona 2020

Article on the impact of artificial intelligence and big data in the Social Services, nowadays and in the future.


EASPD, Self-Directed Support for Service Providers, Brussel.les 2019

A European report that sets out what it means to implement the self-directed support model in services for people with disabilities, and analyzes the example of the Scottish Social Services.


Ajuntament de Barcelona, Banc d’experiències i bones pràctiques socials, 2017

Website and publications that, from 2013, show a selection of good practices promoted by the Social Rights Department of Barcelona City Council, both for internal management and for the provision of services, whether they are own or in partnership with the third sector or with from other administrations.


Diputació de Barcelona, Cercles de comparació intermunicipal en Serveis Socials, 2019

Stable groups of municipalities that have been working for the improvement of social services since 2007, based on the comparison of indicators that reflect their performance and the exchange and contrast of the practices that underpin this activity.


UNCCAS, Banque d’experiénces de l’action sociale locale, París, 2018

Website that collects a wide range of innovative experiences in France in the field of social action, sorted by subject and by territory.


Basque Government, Berrituz / Instrumentos y buenas prácticas en Servicios Sociales

Website that collects technical instruments, outstanding experiences, ideas and activities to promote innovation, evaluation and best practices in the management of local Social Services.


Diputación foral de Alava, Calidad de la atención en los Servicios Sociales, Vitoria-Gasteiz.

Web portal for Social Services professionals that offers practical tools for improving the quality of social intervention: good practices, instruments, evaluation methodologies and quality assurance, and bibliography.


Generalitat Valenciana, La quarta pota / campaign for the dissemination of Social Services, 2019

Spot to promote and make public the primary care of Social Services among the citizens and the new model of attention that is being promoted from the local Authorities.


Manzano, M.A., Kaiser o l’ombra fosca dels Serveis Socials, Barcelona 2018

Article that reflects on the advantages and limitations of the introduction of segmentation and valuation tools in the Social Services sector (La Llei d’Engel).


Fantova, F., Casado, D. Los sistemas de bienestar en España, 2017

Article that analyzes the evolution and nature in Spain of the public services of social services, health, income security and the right to education.


Morales, A.C., Innovación, un ámbito de interés para los Servicios Sociales, Donostia 2009

Article by this professor at the University of Córdova, which analyzes the various areas of innovation that the Social Services sector needs to face.


10 years towards inclusion. Report on the transition from institutional care to community-based services in 27 EU member states, Brussel.les 2020


10-year balance of European strategy for deinstitutionalization and promotion of community-based care services.


EASPD, EU investment plan for the social sector, Brussels, 2019

EASPD web portal with extensive information in several languages on the lines of loans that from 2020 the EU and the European Investment Bank make available to the organizations providing Social Services


ESN, Evidence-based social services: toolkit for planning and evaluating, 2015

The European Social Network (ESN) offers a set of tools to plan and evaluate social services resulting from the work carried out with researchers and professionals applied in various forums and activities during the years 2014 and 2015.


Catalan Government, Strategic Plan of Social Services, 2021-2024

Catalan Strategic Plan for Social Services 2021-2024, which should allow reorienting and strengthening the whole of the Catalan System of Social Services.

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