What we do

Labs 2019-2021


Instrumental improvements to promote the transformative impact of social action

What is it?

A meeting space for various agents (companies, organizations, administrations, universities, professionals …) to work on a shared challenge, with the aim of defining actions that provide answers.

Through biannual meetings and continuous exchange of ideas and proposals.


Because in a society that has become much more complex, Social Services need to invest in knowledge and provide tools, procedures, new models and new professional practices that are able to offer a better response to current social needs and anticipate future ones. And technology offers today many useful and effective tools to achieve this, both in relation to users, as well as to professionals and organizations. Whenever these tools are applied ethically and for the benefit of the people, they can contribute to the improvement of the services and the quality of life of the citizens.


Campus: We offer a training course on technology in social action, and a seminar on Big Data in Social Services.

Projects: Promotion of four technology-based innovation projects.

Knowledge: A collection of national and international benchmarking initiatives in the Innovation Bank; and a collection of articles in the newspaper library.


Founding entities, partner entities, allied institutions, collaborating companies, project partners.

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