What we do

Our focus

The transformation of care models

The right to choose, personalisation, link to the community, preventive intervention, technological support, self-management and empowerment and a global vision and action with regard to all the areas related to the individual.

The right to choose

In social action, citizens should be able to choose, decide, they should lead their own life project. And to be able to choose, they must have access to the information about the available services and resources and enjoy, as necessary, the support and assistance of professionals.



The support offered by social action must be organised in a single and personalised way in order to prioritise and respect the decisions and singularities of each and every citizen, avoiding closed and standard services and pre-defined profiles.


Link to the community, inclusion and participation

Social action is about transforming the environment in order to do away with barriers to inclusion and participation, generating a link between oneself and the community, in a give-and-take dynamic on which relationships can be built and consolidated.


Preventive intervention

A preventive strategy targeting actions intended to detect and minimise individual, structural or environmental risk factors makes it possible to generate substantial improvements in the outcomes of social services and programmes.


Technological support

Technology replaces, complements or helps to maintain people’s skills and capacities, enabling the necessary support to be adapted to the broad range of individual and community situations while also respecting the decisions and preferences of each and every one of us.


Self-management and empowerment

Social action must help each person to activate, by themselves, the formal or informal support available to them, at all times and in all places, depending on their needs and decisions.


Global action in all areas of the person

Work promoting people inclusion must address, simultaneously, all the causes and aspects of situations of difficulty, in the form of joint, co-responsible and coordinated action by the different care systems and services: social, health, housing, employment, education, etc.


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