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Challenges in professional action

Experts in rights, support coordinators, decision-making companions.

People who accompany

In a model in which the social services become the facilitators and promoters of the deployment of the capacities and skills of people as unique subjects who are part of the community in which they live, and as managers of their own life, the role of social action professionals takes on new forms that are geared towards accompanying, rather than attending to. Accompany in order to bring out skills and capacities, promote self-assertion and self-confidence, provide support in day-to-day life and complement areas that the actual person cannot reach.


Experts in rights

The professional also becomes a facilitator in establishing positive links with oneself and with one’s environment, safeguarding the observance of peoples’ human and social rights, and ensuring that they receive the support they need at all times.


Support coordinators

In a care and support ecosystem, where social action lies at the centre and interacts permanently with the adjacent sectors (health, education, employment, culture, housing, sports…), the social action professional becomes a reference figure that provides assessment to people regarding the resources and support available to them, coordinating them and safeguarding their consistency and efficacy.


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