What we do

Our focus

Instrumental improvements

Management tools, information systems, Big Data, evidence-based action, prediction and prevention, solutions for self-management, sensorisation, robotics and support systems.

Management tools

Social action organisations can become more efficient by embracing business intelligence tools: integrated dashboard systems, decision support systems (DSS), executive information systems (EIS), remote tools, ERP, SAP, CRM…


Information systems

In order to be more efficient and to reduce response time, the social sector needs to move forward in terms of interconnection and interoperability of data and documents between organisations and systems while also developing platforms that permit and facilitate self-management by citizens.


Evidenced-based action

Technology now permits the automatic generation of indicators that can subsequently be used to make reliable and ongoing evaluations. When applied to cities and environments, sensorisation, artificial intelligence and other solutions, they become highly useful in facilitating evidence-based social action.


Prediction and prevention

Big data and artificial intelligence now make it possible to develop social needs predictive systems to improve the planning of actions and budgets, to personalise services and solutions for citizens and to develop preventive interventions geared towards detecting situations and reducing risk factors.


Self-management solutions

Social action can progress in empowering citizens, users and communities through technology, mobiles, apps and digital training. Tools that permit self-management must be developed, as must networking and citizens’ participation in the design of solutions to social problems.


Robotics and support systems

Technology-based support can replace, complement or help to maintain people’s capacities to enable them to exercise their rights as citizens. Robotics that can improve personal autonomy, promote an independent life and universal inclusion still has a long way to go.


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