Who we are

Founding entities

iSocial Foundation is born from the vision and the will of its seven founders to promote innovation in the social action sector in Catalonia. The founders are the following six non-profit entities, together with the current director of the foundation.

The Welfare and Development Association (ABD) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that protects people in a situation of social fragility. For more than 30 years it has been accompanying this people, either individually or as group, at different times in their life trajectories, and acting in the community. It serves 90,000 people annually.
AMPANS is a foundation born in Bages, province of Barcelona, that since 1965 works to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities, generating opportunities that promote their maximum autonomy and inclusion in society. It accompanies and supports more than 2,200 people every year in special education, training, work, day care, therapeutic employment, residential shelter, leisure, sport and guardianship.
ATRA Group is a group of non-profit organizations that work within social services and health sector. It offers attention and treatment to people with addictive behavior, people with mental illness, and people at risk of social exclusion. More than 29,000 people have received attention and treatment during the group's 30-year career thanks to the work of a large team of professionals in the field of health and social education.
The Family and Social Welfare Foundation is a private, non-profit organization that has been working for people of all ages since 1987, in order to make possible its life project through the access to affordable housing and the provision of services for the elderly. Since 1993, it has built more than 3,000 social housing units in more than 50 municipalities throughout Catalonia.
The Joia Foundation is a non-profit organization born more than 30 years ago that offers insertion services in mental health through 11 locations in five districts of the city of Barcelona. It attends nearly 2,000 people annually, offering successful itineraries by analyzing their capabilities and their requests, and generating opportunities for social inclusion in the community, as well as jobs within and outside the protected market.
SUPPORT is an independent, non-profit foundation established in 2003 whose main objective is to defend, promote and develop Human Rights of people with disabilities (psychosocial disabilities, cognitive impairment related to the ageing process and intellectual disabilities), whilst enabling individuals to pursue their well-being, ensure their dignity and preserve their autonomy through legal protection and social support. SUPPORT’s activities are developed within the framework provided by the legal mechanisms ingrained in the Catalan Civil Code, either from voluntary designation of an individual or appointed directly by a court ordern which currently…

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