We promote creative processes and transformative projects.

Projectes d’innovació

Innovation projects

We promote and develop innovation projects, under our leadership or that of other organizations, that allow transforming creative ideas that can solve challenges that the social action sector faces today, into real, useful and high-impact solutions.

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Serveis d’acompanyament

Advisor services

The iSocial Foundation offers expert support for the implementation of innovation, transformation and change management in organizations in the social services sector.

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Espais de co-creació

Co-creation programs

We offer spaces and methodologies to co-create, design, innovate, share and learn together. Experimental environments and real test benches with the participation of end users to find solutions to complex challenges.

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Banc d’innovacions

Bank of innovations

We collect and disseminate innovative initiatives from around the world in the field of social services, which may be inspiring for other organizations in the sector that have the need to solve similar challenges.

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