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Postgraduate course in public management of Social Services (with ACM and UB)

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On-line course: New trends in intervention in Basic Social Services

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We participate in a project to redesign the model of nursing homes for the elderly in Catalonia


The spread of COVID-19 around the world is affecting all of us, regardless of age, country or socio-economic status. However, the most vulnerable and disadvantaged citizens are at greater risk of being particularly harmed by the containment measures and the resulting economic crisis.

That is why, now more than ever, we need to join forces to strengthen and improve the Social Services sector to help mitigate the effects of the current global and local crisis. Social Services, not yet recovered from the effects of the last economic and social crisis, are once again seeing the need to respond to the most basic needs of individuals and families, and to the weakness of the mechanisms for guaranteeing many citizens’ rights.

Creativity and innovation are required, finding new strategies and intervention tools. To build differently, to face differently the great challenges that this crisis and its consequences pose to us.

From the iSocial Foundation we continue to work, founders, partners and collaborators, to carry out projects and activities that promote these essential changes for our Social Services system.

Social action innovations Bank

Know the results of INSESS-COVID19 project: impact of Covid-19 in the local Social Services

Systemic changes

Discover the research and innovation projects in Social Services of iSocial

First post-grad on innovation for social sector professionals

Download the documents of Big Data and Social Services seminars held by iSocial



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