Homelessness and Technology: Tools to rebuild the bonds with the community

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Homelessness and Technology: Tools to rebuild the bonds with the community

Persona en situació de sensellarisme

Entourage (France) and Nidus (Catalonia). Held on June 5th, 2024.

It is estimated that, as of today, 700.00 people sleep on the streets, in emergency shelters, and temporary accommodations throughout the European Union . In Catalonia alone, according to the estimated data from the Action Framework for Homelessness, at least 58.930 people suffer from some form of homelessness or housing exclusion.

Homelessness is a complex issue, mainly linked to housing, but with consequences that transcend it. Numerous studies and programs show housing insecurity has a significant impact on the physical health and psychological well-being of the individuals experiencing it.

In this Innobreak, we will learn firsthand about two initiatives that seek to significantly improve the quality of life of people experiencing homelessness, addressing some of their relational and support needs:

  • Entourage (France):With over 170,000 active members, the Entourage app promotes the creation of a community committed to social inclusion by connecting people experiencing homelessness with members of the local community. Entourage’s focus is on overcoming social isolation and breaking the stigmas that contribute to the deterioration of the mental healh of those affected.
  • Nidus (Catalonia) is a mobile and web-accessible application designed to provide personalized support to people experiencing homelessness and facilitate communication with their designated professionals. Its features include a digital safe, direct chat with support professionals, and an emergency button. Soon, an interactive map of useful geolocated resources will also be added.


  • Pol Robert, Entourage (France)
  • Oriol Janer, Nidus (Catalonia)


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