Innovative Services in Drug Addiction: Family Support and Risk Prevention

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Innovative Services in Drug Addiction: Family Support and Risk Prevention

Innobeak - Serveis innovadors en drogodependencia

BRUS (Denmark) and Energy Control (Catalonia). 2nd July, 2024. Open for registration

Webinar in English and Catalan, with simultaneous translation into English.

Drug use is a complex phenomenon, surrounded by debate, multifactorial problems, legal and ethical intricacies, and often stigmas. The reasons for its use can vary and stem from diverse social, cultural, psychological, and economic circumstances.

Clearly, not all forms of drug use carry the same level of risk, although it is also true that zero risk does not exist. For this reason, working on information, counselling, and support, while breaking the taboos that render the reality of drugs invisible, is a fundamental step in reducing the negative impact these substances have on individuals.

This approach, practiced by numerous professionals and organizations for years, proves to be a much more effective alternative than purely preventive or restrictive measures, which often tend to shift or overlook the core of the problem.

In this edition of Innobreak, we will present two innovative initiatives in their approach to addressing drug use and its effects on society:

  • BRUS (Denmark) is a program aimed at young people up to the age of 24 who live in families affected by alcohol and drug addictions. Driven by the Center for Digital Pædagogik (CfDP), this initiative seeks to break the taboo surrounding family addictions through face-to-face meetings and an anonymous chat service. Through these tools, BRUS offers a safe space where young people can express their experiences and focus on their own needs, promoting their emotional well-being and reducing the burden of responsibilities that they should not have to bear.
  • Energy Control (Catalonia) is an ABD program dedicated to reducing the risks associated with drug use, with a realistic approach based on providing users with objective information about their use and a substance analysis service. Additionally, they raise awareness among nightlife professionals and collect data on the unregulated market, providing early warnings about adulterated products to protect consumers’ health.


  • Anne Matte Hansen, BRUS (Denmark)
  • Mireia Ventura, Energy Control (Catalonia)


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