4.0 solutions that empower and facilitate personal autonomy

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4.0 solutions that empower and facilitate personal autonomy

APP&TOWN COMPAGNON (Spain, Canada) and REHAB-LAB (France)

Held on Wednesday April 6, 2022.
The speakers spoke in Catalan and English, with simultaneous translation.

Since the beginning of the century, industry 4.0 has opened up an enormous field of possibilities to explore in order to create new tools that empower people with disabilities or with some type of dependency, and to make it easier, more personalized and more economically affordable for them to achieve the goal of winning in personal autonomy and independent living in the community.

In this Innobreak we introduced two successful and growing examples, which have the great virtue not only of facilitating autonomy for daily life but also of empowering users, and that take advantage of the potential of two different areas of technology 4.0: artificial intelligence, and 3D printing:

  • APP&TOWN COMPAGNON, a Catalan start-up that has received several international awards. It consists of an intelligent orientation system that allows people with cognitive disabilities to travel autonomously on public transport. Currently in use in Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga and Vigo in Spain, and in various cities in Canada.
  • REHAB-LAB, dfrom France, a virtual community for the manufacture of technical aids, in which users, socio-health professionals and technologists from all over the country participate, which allows users to build their own technical aids with 3D printing and at affordable prices, and that in five years has already produced 1,400 devices.


  • Faustino Cuadrado (MassFactory), APP&TOWN COMPAGNON (Spain)
  • Willy Allegre (CMRRF Kerpape), REHAB-LAB (France)

Supported by

Generalitat de Catalunya Departament de Drets Socials


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