A lecture by Dr. Carles Alsinet from the UdL inaugurates the 2nd part of the Postgraduate Course in Social Services of ACM-UB-iSocial

La Federació d’Alzheimer i la Fundació Maresme, primeres entitats sòcies-col·laboradores

This Wednesday, September 16, we resumed the Postgraduate Course in Public Management of Local Social Services of ACM-UB-iSocial, which was interrupted last spring due to the pandemic.

Dr. Carles Alsinet, director of the Chair of Social Innovation at the University of Lleida, gave the inaugural lecture of this second part of the postgraduate course, with a talk entitled “Will resist Social Services to the emerging challenges for Covid19? ”. The conference was held online, and was attended by about forty people linked to the Social Services of City Councils and County Councils.

Due to the interest aroused by the conference, we have recorded it and will post it on our website in the coming days so that other people can listen to it. In it, Dr. Carles Alsinet has argued that “it is necessary to transform the model of social action to stop managing resources to promote people and identify challenges.” And he called for escaping the doubts that paralyze the projects and the necessary improvements in local social services, recalling that the new proposals need to be defended with data and conviction in front of the decision-making estates. His recommendations to the people in charge of the Social Services of the local bodies have been summarized in these four:
1 / Have a positive leadership from the Social Services
2 / Ensure decisions and actions based on data and knowledge
3 / Increase connectivity between professionals and people
4 / Advancing in the technological transformation

The current edition of the Postgraduate Diploma in Public Management of Local Social Services is scheduled to end in March 2021, and the next edition will begin in September 2021. During the next spring the ACM will open registration for all teams of Social Services interested in its 937 City Councils and County Councils members.

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