I·ROC, a tool that evaluates the recovery process of mental health service users

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I·ROC, a tool that evaluates the recovery process of mental health service users



A tool that measures the recovery process of people using mental health services

I·ROC is based on a self-assessment questionnaire that follows the HOPE model, an approach that analyzes four areas of personal well-being (home, opportunity, people, and empowerment). Each area includes three indicators that the user must score from 1 to 6. This provides a holistic view of personal well-being.

The tool is available in both paper and digital formats and provides a solid framework for initiating conversations between professionals and users. It also offers a variety of innovative and easy-to-use tools that promote self-management with tips and techniques.

Mental health professionals can obtain individual reports of their patients at any time through the online platform (I·ROC Digital), available for multiple devices. Similarly, entities can consult global data on the user base to evaluate the impact of their projects and programs. Patients also have access to their results and the various support materials offered by the platform.

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