iSocial members visit Broomx to discover their immersive technology

Els “Cafès d’Innovació en serveis socials”, nova activitat bimestral d’iSocial

Yesterday, the fourth and final day of the sessions organised by iSocial was held to let the fundation’s members get to know the immersive technology of Broomx. After the initial presentation made in the Innovation Coffees in social services, about twenty professionals from the member entities of iSocial have participated in the four sessions, held at the catalan start-up’s office in Poblenou (Barcelona). During these visits, they have been able to discover how the MK360 projector works and then discussed the possible uses in their work fields: dementias, intellectual disability, youth mental health, addictions, behavioural disorders and gender violence, among others.

The applications of immersive technology, which have long been present in sectors such as culture or tourism, have already shown good results in other sectors like health or education. The projector created by Broomx offers advantages that can allow this technology to spread to the social field more easily. Some studies at medical centres such as Vall d’Hebrón Hospital, the Guttmann Institute and Olot Hospital have proved the advantages that this new technology can offer both to users, their families and also to the professionals who take care of them.

The entities involved in these sessions will now jointly explore the possibility of testing specific applications of this immersive technology in their services, centres and resources.

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