Design and implementation of a digital transformation plan

For public and private organisations of the Social Services sector.

Support in redefining methodologies, work tools, skills and abilities

Digital transformation is today an urgent challenge for Social Services organisations, not only because of adaptation to a changing society and an increasingly digitalized citizenry, but at the same time because it is a transformation associated with other transformations that the system of Social Services also needs: the personalization of services, the empowerment of users, the reinforcement of preventive action, the promotion of group and community intervention, the speeding up of response times, the simplification of administrative procedures, or have information to help plan services.

These transformations of Social Services must respond to an increasingly informed and demanding citizenry, which raises demands with expectations of higher quality public services, as well as a new role and support by professional teams.

But the incorporation of technological advances in the processes of accompaniment and support for people represents a paradigm shift and at the same time is a professional opportunity that requires redefining methodologies, work tools, skills and abilities. And, in addition, it is necessary to do so by seeking to empower users and guaranteeing digital inclusion, universal accessibility and usability.

All this requires a good prior diagnosis, the design of a change plan adapted to the situation, the particularities and the capacities of each territory, and support for its implementation.

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