Implementation of Self-directed Support

In social services of Local Authorities and third sector organisations.

Group accompaniment to put into practice this innovative methodology of social intervention.

The iSocial Foundation offers the professional teams of Social Services of City Councils and third sector organisations the possibility of receiving group support to put this social intervention methodology into practice. In this accompaniment, the team is taught to agree on work guidelines typical of a co-production team; to apply personalization and empathic work tools that favor Self-Directed Support; and to design planning, decision-making and resource allocation processes based on this approach.

The European model of Self-directed Support seeks to guarantee that the person cared by Social Services receives support and accompaniment in decision-making, so that he/she has the possibility at all times to make the decision effective, choice and control over how their action or support plan is organized to achieve the results agreed upon with the professionals, based on their wishes and rights.

Other advisor services

Gestió del canvi en organitzacions de serveis socials

Change management in social services organizations

We advisor managers and teams in the design and implementation of a change or improvement project in the organization.

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Pla de comunicació dels serveis socials

Social services communication plan

We diagnose the needs to improve communication and the image of social services, and we design an improvement plan.

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Pla de transformació digital

Digital transformation plan

We diagnose the needs in the field of digitization, and we design a detailed plan to address them.

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