Los Servicios Sociales ante la inteligencia de grandes cantidades de datos (big data)

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Los Servicios Sociales ante la inteligencia de grandes cantidades de datos (big data)


Fernando Fantova, iSocial Foundation, 2020 March

“The intelligence of large amounts of data can be the coup de grace that ends up sending social services to the dump of history, or a powerful lever for transformation toward social services that many of us have dreamed of.”


Infància i adolescència en risc

Social innovation in the protection of children and adolescents at risk

According to UNICEF, it is estimated that more than 1 billion children and adolescents are victims of violence worldwide, with profound, lasting, and sometimes deadly consequences. How can social innovation approach child protection?
Perspectives innovadores accés a l'habitatge

Innovative perspectives to promote access to housing

According to the UN, the lack of decent housing is a problem affecting over 20% of the global population. In Catalonia, nearly 60,000 people experience some form of residential exclusion. What innovative initiatives are being implemented worldwide to promote access to housing?
Innovació social per prevenir la violència masclista

Social Innovation to Prevent Gender Violence

During the year 2023, fifty-eight women and two minors died due to gender violence in Spain. How can we use social innovation to prevent and address this issue?
Robots tractament infants amb TEA

Robots for the treatment of children with ASD

In recent years, the use of robots in the treatment of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has been brought to the table. What benefits does this type of therapy offer?