First online tool to facilitate citizens’ access to social benefits

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First online tool to facilitate citizens’ access to social benefits


The City Council of Barcelona has put into operation by the end of 2018 a new website that allows anyone to know the social aids to which they have the right, anonymously and independently of which be the Administration that manages them. The aid simulator helps to improve information and transparency towards the citizens, to de-stigmatize the demand for this type of provision and to facilitate access, considering that there are people who do not have access to public services because They are not informed of the rights they have, due to the diversity of existing aid, more than two hundred, and the complexity of their processing.

The website works anonymously. Once the data is entered, the system calculates the aid that can be requested in each case and an estimate of the amount, and also explains how each aid is processed. In the first phase, benefits have been introduced, such as the special emergency social assistance fund of 0 to 16 years; school dining aids; active insertion rents for long-term unemployed, for victims of gender-based violence or for people with disabilities; guaranteed citizen income; or the rental payment subsidies.

In a second phase, it is planned to incorporate other benefits such as the pink card, the social bonds of energy supplies, non-contributory pensions, the unemployment subsidy, the benefits of the dependency law or the aid plan for the Return for emigrants, among others.



iSocial participates in the kick-off meeting of the Care4Skills project in Brussels

Last Thursday, May 23rd, we attended the kick-off meeting of the Care4Skills project in Brussels, organized by the EASPD (European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities), the entity leading the initiative.
Arranquen els tallers participatius de

The participatory workshops of the All By Myself project begin

This May, we inaugurated the first participatory workshops included in the research process of the All By Myself project, coordinated by the iSocial Foundation and supported by the Department of Social Rights of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

23 social entities have been trained to use Flapp! and Nidus

Flapp! and Nidus, the two virtual safes created by the iSocial Foundation in collaboration with Pere Claver Group, are consolidating with the training offered so far to 23 entities.
I Jornada Serveis Socials

The iSocial Foundation participates in the First Social Services Conference

iSocial has presented Nidus, a digital tool to support people experiencing homelessness, promoted jointly with the Pere Claver Group