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Imatge d'una mà sostenint un mòbil on s'hi veu la Soliguia, una de les eines tecnològiques involucrades en el projecte Solidigital

Solidigital is a cross-border collaboration project centered around three technological tools to support people in vulnerable situations: Soliguia, Nidus, and Reconnect


Solidigital is a cross-border project coordinated by the iSocial Foundation aimed at enhancing, through digitalization, access to social services for vulnerable people in Catalonia, Andorra, and the south of France.

The Solidigital project stems from the collaboration between iSocial and the French associations Solinum and Reconnect, with the Andorra Research + Innovation Foundation (ARI), and with the member entities of iSocial Pere Claver Group, Resilis Foundation, and Alba Association, thanks to co-financing from the European Union through the Interreg POCTEFA program.

What is Solidigital about?

The central axis of Solidigital will involve the implementation in Catalonia, Andorra, and the border departments of France of Soliguia, a digital platform that will allow people in precarious situations to more easily find available support services in their geographic area through a search engine and a map containing geolocated resources.

To achieve this goal, during the three years of the project, a wide range of support services will be mapped in these regions, and nearly 8,000 social services and third sector professionals will be trained in the use of this tool to facilitate access to information for vulnerable people and, thereby, promote equal opportunities and empowerment.

Integració de la Soliguia amb Nidus i Reconnect

At the same time, and by virtue of cross-border collaboration between the various entities, the integration of Soliguia with Nidus (in Catalonia) and with Reconnect (in France) will be promoted. Nidus and Reconnect are two virtual strongboxes and digital support tools for people in situations of social exclusion. Through their connection with Soliguia, these applications will also be able to offer an updated and detailed map of the resources and services available to the user, facilitating their social inclusion.

The Soligital project builds on the successful experience of Soliguide in much of France. Developed by Solinum, a project partner, this application has proven to be a highly effective tool in combating poverty and social exclusion, with over 3.7 million visits in 2023 and has been recognized by the social sector and French institutions. With its arrival in Catalonia, Andorra, and the border regions of France, we not only address common challenges in a set of territories with a high incidence of poverty, but also create for the first time a common working tool on both sides of the border.

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Amb el cofinançament de la Unió Europea a través del programa Interreg POCTEFA:


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