1st session in Sabadell of “Leadership and Innovation in Social Services”

Bismart i ABD presenten els beneficis de la intel·ligència artificial en serveis socials

On May 7th, the entire Social Services coordinator team of the Sabadell City Council, made up of 15 people, has begun the course of the iSocial Foundation “Leadership and Innovation in Social Services”, at the Casal Pere Quart in the city. The course consists of 15 sessions of three hours, and will take place during the months of May and June. This first day, Urgell Poch, a social worker and a political scientist, led a session on “Today’s basic Social Services Challenges of municipalities”.

This period of two months of training will then be complemented by a four-month individual and group accompaniment process, for the implementation of acquired learning, and a final evaluation. The teaching team is made up of 8 expert people with a long history of work in the Social Services sector.

The “Leadership and Innovation in Social Services” Program aims to provide tools for municipal and county Social Services professionals who carry out management and / or coordination functions, so that they face innovative and creative challenges with their teams, the challenges of improvement and transformation that the organization demands, in order to achieve a quality service provision that responds to the new needs and expectations of each territory.

Based on the analysis of the current challenges of Social Services and the new paradigms, ethical principles and professional debates within the sector, tools and solutions are being developed that allow professionals to manage their interventions that respond to a proactively, introducing an appropriate management of knowledge and continuous improvement, both with the professional teams themselves and with the group of internal and external stakeholders.

It is a flexible program that the iSocial Foundation adapts to the needs and characteristics of each City Council or the County Council.

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