B·MINCOME, looking for the best way out of poverty

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B·MINCOME, looking for the best way out of poverty

Barcelona City Council

Foto: Barcelona City Council

B·MINCOME is a pilot project for the establishment of a municipal inclusion salary in the city of Barcelona, which is testing with one thousand vulnerable families in the ten most deprived Barcelona neighborhoods, the efficacy and efficiency of combining a stable financial help with active social-employment policies.

B·MINCOME is a project pilot to fight against poverty and inequality based in the development of an integral policy which combines a public passive policy (a Municipal Inclusive Support, a financial help that supplements the income of the selected people and families) with four active social-employment policies: a combined education and employment plan; actions for the encouragement of the socio-collaborative economy; grants for the rehabilitation of homes which may allow room rentals; and a program for participation in community networks.