iSocial agrees to a Declaration and a work plan in response to COVID-19

La Federació d’Alzheimer i la Fundació Maresme, primeres entitats sòcies-col·laboradores

The Board of the iSocial Foundation, gathered on-line, have put together on April 14 the reflections of their members regarding the current crisis of COVID-19. The result of this first reflection has resulted in the adoption of a Declaration and a work plan in response to the pandemic and its consequences.

The adopted Declaration emphasizes the impact that current measures of confinement and the subsequent crisis situation will have on the most vulnerable citizens, due to the significant tensions that our economies will have to face, and the resources available for Social Policies and Services. And he recalls the need to foster, more than ever, the transformations in the sector that have been repeatedly diagnosed.

The founders, partners and collaborators of iSocial are experiencing, from the beginning of the pandemic, the difficulties of managing the collapse and the enormous shortcomings of the Social Services system in areas such as the residential, home care, guardianship, childhood protection, mental health or drugs. The crisis of COVID-19 has shown the low robustness of the system, its invisibility, planning deficits or the failure of social and health coordination.

iSocial is still working these days, despite its confinement, to carry out projects and activities that drive changes that are already essential to our Social Services system. Both keeping the projects that were already underway and pushing for new ones.

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