The book we recommend for this Saint George’s Day.

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The book we recommend for this Saint George’s Day.


“Pensamiento creativo y acción social innovadora”, by Sílvia Navarro, is the book that has just come out and that we recommend for this Saint George Day. You can buy it now on the CCS publisher’s website with a 5% discount and they will also send it free of charge at home or at work. To get a first tasting, you can download the index and the introduction in our iSocial library.

The sociologist and social worker Sílvia Navarro, collaborator of the iSocial Foundation, analyzes in this ambitious 541-page book the need for the social action sector to rethink and innovate today, and at the same time offers us clues and tools practices how to do it. And also accompanied by magnificent illustrations by the cartoonist Laia Giné.

The book has been written based on the reflection and materials used by Silvia Navarro for years in her workshops and seminars on creativity and innovation in the field of social action. Navarro proposes to recover a critical, involved, creative, innovative, transformative social action, because many signals indicate that there are many challenges that no longer support waiting, that there is no alternative, because the alternatives are waiting to be created by us. According to her, “there are other avenues for social action, another way of understanding and doing it, of living it to fill it with life. We have not run out of paths, but we have to change them, we have to create them because the usual ones no longer lead us. “

Sílvia Navarro’s book is and will be a reference book for those who believe in the importance and need of innovation in the field of social action; an invitation to travel, to imagine, to dare, to try and to experiment, to let “things happen” in the social action sector.


Rehab-Lab meeting in Liège

iSocial and CIM-UPC Participate in the Annual Rehab-Lab Network Meeting in Belgium

A total of 55 entities from the Rehab-Lab network gathered in Liège to share their knowledge and experiences

iSocial participates in the kick-off meeting of the Care4Skills project in Brussels

Last Thursday, May 23rd, we attended the kick-off meeting of the Care4Skills project in Brussels, organized by the EASPD (European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities), the entity leading the initiative.
Arranquen els tallers participatius de

The participatory workshops of the All By Myself project begin

This May, we inaugurated the first participatory workshops included in the research process of the All By Myself project, coordinated by the iSocial Foundation and supported by the Department of Social Rights of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

23 social entities have been trained to use Flapp! and Nidus

Flapp! and Nidus, the two virtual safes created by the iSocial Foundation in collaboration with Pere Claver Group, are consolidating with the training offered so far to 23 entities.
I Jornada Serveis Socials

The iSocial Foundation participates in the First Social Services Conference

iSocial has presented Nidus, a digital tool to support people experiencing homelessness, promoted jointly with the Pere Claver Group
Vincles Caixaforum Lleida

iSocial presents Vincles at the Caixaforum in Lleida

Vincles, an initiative aimed at combating unwanted loneliness, is part of the projects approved by the La Caixa Foundation in the 2024 call.