Morphic, technology that improves computer accessibility for people with disabilities

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Morphic, technology that improves computer accessibility for people with disabilities

Raising the Floor


Application that allows computers to be adapted to the different needs of people with disabilities

According to the organization Raising the Floor, one in five people in the world has some form of disability. Only 19% of these people are employed, in contrast with 64% of people without disabilities. Regarding students, 20% have some form of disability.

Morphic is an application that improves the accessibility of computers for people with various types of disabilities. The platform allows one-click access to integrated accessibility functions through a customizable menu. Some of the program’s functions include changing text size, applying a magnifier to specific fragments, enabling text-to-speech, changing color contrast, or setting dark mode, among others.

Additionally, the “Assistive Technology (AT) on Demand” mode allows AT users to access their tools on any computer, regardless of whether the computers have them installed beforehand or not. The goal is to promote digital equity for people with various limitations. This functionality can be applied at home, work, library, school, etc. Different organizations and establishments can make AT appear automatically on any computer, and once the user has finished the session, it will disappear. All this in an efficient and simple manner.

Banc d’innovacions


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