iSocial Foundation will co-direct with UB the “Postgraduate course in Public Management of Local Social Services” of ACM

Classes will begin on February 5. The course is addressed to the managers and technicians of Social Services of the 937 city councils members of the Catalan Association of Municipalities (ACM). The course will be managed by the School of Social Work of the University of Barcelona and the iSocial Foundation. It is a university program of 30 credits and 256 hours of classes.

A new debate explores the opportunities and limits of predictive systems and automation in Social Services

On November 19, Palau Macaya de Barcelona hosted the 3rd debate of the cycle “Big Data and Social Services” of the iSocial Foundation, in which four experts discussed the opportunities and limits of introducing predictive systems and automation processes in the Social Services sector. The debate was led by the data science professor of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Jordi Conesa.

1st session in El Prat of “New trends in intervention in the Basic Social Services”

Have participated the 60 professionals of the Social Action Service of the municipality. The course consists of 9 workshops, which until February will deal with how to apply Person-centered Care and the European model of Self-directed Support in primary attention of Social Services. A manual of intervention guidelines will also be developed.

New project: We promote an App to innovate in the care of adolescents and young people migrated alone

On October 15 the Social Foundation and other 8 organizations, we have taken the kick-off meeting of the project, which will develop and experience a package of digital tools for mobile phones aimed at improving and strengthening the socio-educational accompaniment that the Catalan Government’s attention and protection system offers to about 4,000 adolescents and young people migrated alone.

We start the international project of a voice assistant for immigrants and refugees

Welcome is a Horizon 2020 project led by UPF with 5 participating countries. The smartphone assistant will facilitate the knowledge of the host society and the processes of labor insertion, based on information appropriate to the profile of each person, and will provide information on the most frequent demands of the immigrants and refugees.

The new Strategic Plan for Social Services wants to promote research and innovation

The Minister of Labor, Social Affairs and Families of the Catalan Government, Chakir el Homrani, has presented the base document for the Strategic Plan for social services 2020-2024, which aims to respond to the current challenges, achieve a universal offer, and at the same time articulate and organize – To overcome current fragmentation and to deploy an information, innovation, knowledge and research system.

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