Afrolab, Afro-entrepreneurship support programme

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Afrolab, Afro-entrepreneurship support programme

PretaHub, British Council, Coventry University

Programme to support, promote and boost Afro-entrepreneurship with an exclusive and innovative methodology. With the aim of strengthening the Afro-Brazilian market, Afrolab offers technical and creative training to entrepreneurs. It does so with a special focus on inventiveness and self-knowledge, being a space for growth, learning and personal and professional transformation.

Afrolab is thus a business expansion programme that acts as a talent accelerator and incubator for black, indigenous and Kilombola entrepreneurs. It is the result of the realisation that, despite the fact that Brazil has the largest black population in the world outside the African continent, black consumers are still considered a niche market and entrepreneurs are under-represented. The figures highlight the difficulties faced by Afro-Brazilians when it comes to entrepreneurship, which results in the majority of black entrepreneurs in the country not being registered in the formal economy.

In response to the in-depth analysis of the challenges and specificities of black businesses, Afrolab provides practical tools for business management and is a space for effective creation and production. It consists of workshops that take place within the framework of various festivals organised mainly in Brazil, where several entrepreneurs can participate. The initiative includes self-knowledge activities, creative immersion cycles, apprenticeships, courses and workshops. Thus, it avoids entrepreneurship conceived as a solitary and individualistic process and is committed to forging a community of entrepreneurs, taking into account the unique contribution of each entrepreneur in the process.

The initiative has a systemic perspective: it provides support and training to companies from their conception and origin to the final disposal of the products and services developed. In this way, it aims to help them overcome some of the biggest challenges they face, such as the denial of access to credit, financial literacy and technology. Apart from training courses and exchange and networking sessions, Afrolab opens commercial channels in Brazil and Latin America.

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