Bizkaia Saretu, school for the prevention of unwanted loneliness

Bizkaia Saretu, school for the prevention of unwanted loneliness

Grup SSI

School of training and dynamization of anti-loneliness agents, people over 55 years of age who, thanks to a qualification and accompaniment, specialize in early detection and preventive action in relation to loneliness.

The initiative refers to unwanted loneliness, i.e. the subjective feeling or experience that is identified with individual dissatisfaction that the person has in terms of relationships. This social isolation, especially related to the elderly, is perceived as a limitation, lack or absence of primary or natural relationships; friendship, partner, family, neighborhood, etc.

The project offers training and awareness-raising activities for people interested in the subject, whether they want to acquire knowledge in this area or are part of organizations, companies or associations. In this case, they can become part of the Agents Network, the other main activity of the project. This network, formed by people over 55 years of age who are not in a situation of loneliness and want to commit themselves and create proposals for action, consists of identifying situations of loneliness, design and creation of prevention projects, in order to accumulate evidence and be able to be implemented.

In addition, the initiative also has a repository of knowledge and good practices, where projects, methods or systems that involve the community and relational spheres can be found. The SSI Group understands that the connection between initiatives is a key element to guarantee the success of the projects. Therefore, Bizkaia Saretu is a project with a preventive perspective, which promotes a destigmatizing vision of loneliness, promotes mutual help and focuses on the individual needs and demands of each person.