GrausTIC Awards for social integration through ICT

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GrausTIC Awards for social integration through ICT


The GrausTIC Association and the iSocial Foundation award this prize annually as part of the “ICT Day of Catalonia”. The last edition was held on April 15, when the iSocial Foundation, in the hands of our director Toni Codina, presented the Award for social integration through ICT 2021 to Jordi Palouzié, director of information systems and telecommunications of the Pere Tarrés Foundation, for his “Help them grow” campaign.

The award is aimed at recognizing the company, organization or institution that during the calendar year from the previous Day to the present, has contributed most to the promotion of social integration by making accessible to all its products , services, projects or activities. Companies or institutions that have made real and visible efforts to incorporate design for everyone in their offer and interaction with people are valued. In short, how the Internet and new technologies can transform the way we communicate, buy, sell, and relate in a context of true social integration.

Any person, entity or institution interested in these awards may submit, within the established period, the persons, entities or companies it deems appropriate, by completing the form available on the website of the ICT Day of Catalonia.

Consult the program of the ICT Day of Catalonia.

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Premis GrausTIC. Candidatures fins el 6 de novembre

iSocial sponsors the GrausTIC Award for Social Integration through Digitalization

La Fundació iSocial participa com a patrocinador en els Premis GrausTIC 2023, en la categoria Premi GrausTIC a la Integració Social a través de la Digitalització
Imatge de les Jornades de formació d'activadores comunitàries per al projecte de Detecció i Intervenció de Situacions de Soledat no desitjada a l'Alt Pirineu-Aran

Training for Community Activators in the DISS Alt Pirineu-Aran Project

The DISS project aims to combat unwanted loneliness in the six regions of Alt Pirineu-Aran. The Community Activators play a crucial role in coordinating the efforts for detection and intervention and in raising community awareness.
iSocial Foundation travels to Austria to coordinate a StepForME program meeting

iSocial Foundation travels to Austria to coordinate a StepForME program meeting

La Fundació iSocial lidera el projecte europeu StepForME dins del marc d’un programa Erasmus+ d’intercanvi de bones pràctiques en relació amb la salut mental en joves.
Delegació italiana visita iSocial - Imatge de la sessió que Toni Codina, director d'iSocial, va tenir amb els representats d'entitats socials de la regió

GrandUP! International Project Visits iSocial for a Case Study

A delegation of 15 individuals connected to social organizations in Cuneo, Italy, visited the iSocial Foundation to learn more about its commitment to social innovation.