Technological innovation and social services report

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Technological innovation and social services report


The social service system cannot ignore the use of technology and has to adapt the services it provides to the digital environment in which we live.

The iSocial Foundation has published the report Technological innovation and social services, a 60-page document that analyzes the changes that the social services sector is undergoing in Spain as a result of the incorporation of new technologies, as well as the challenges that this digital revolution is assuming for the sector.

Next, the report delves into the four main emerging fields of digital transformation that are transforming the sector today: remote communication and support, empowerment and self-management, the improvement of personal autonomy and organizational intelligence.

The report also offers 20 recommendations addressed to Public Administrations and third sector organizations in Spain, among which we highlight the proposal that the social services portfolios be redefined so that they incorporate the modifications that the use of digital tools entails today in the manner of provision of these services.

The report is available in english, spanish and catalan.