Baix Llobregat Mental Health, housing for people with psychological difficulties

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Baix Llobregat Mental Health, housing for people with psychological difficulties

Fundació Hàbitat3, Fundació Marianao, Fundació Cassià Just

Baix Llobregat Salut Mental

Experimental social housing program to provide accommodation for people with mental health problems

This project, driven by the Habitat 3 Foundation, the Mariano Foundation, and the Cassià Just Foundation, aims to empower and give autonomy to people with mental health difficulties through housing.

Users receive support and assistance in their processes of labor and community integration, always with the purpose of enhancing maximum residential independence.

The program is personalized and integrated with other services, entities, and administrations. It has a reference figure responsible for monitoring the case and ensuring good coordination.

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I·ROC, a tool that evaluates the recovery process of mental health service users

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SmartSocks, socks that detect distress in people with dementia

SmartSocks that enable the detection of risk situations in people with dementia

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