JUS-APP, portable technology solution for municipal social workers

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JUS-APP, portable technology solution for municipal social workers

Hamburg City Council

Mobile application for municipal social workers of the Hamburg City Council (Germany) that allows them to automatically perform administrative tasks and access data of the persons served while they are at the person’s home, fulfilling all legal requirements of the municipal administration, including forms and checklists.

The application is connected to the municipal system JUS-IT in real time, which has different functionalities to simplify daily administrative tasks and make your work more attractive. Among others, it includes the automated management of alimony and social benefits, saving time for social workers and making their work more efficient. In addition, it is connected to other specialized procedures, such as police reports, providing fast, networked, results-oriented management.

The application, based on Cúram Software, also allows capturing details of meetings, such as audio or video recording of user interviews or home visits, and automated pre-filling of forms.