One View, a predictive and preventative homelessness system

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One View, a predictive and preventative homelessness system

London Borough of Barking and Dagenham

Predictive system that allows social services to anticipate, prevent and reduce homelessness in the territory.

The One View system analyses the data set related to services for adults, children and homeless people. The analytical model includes data on income, benefits and schools, and obtains a comprehensive overview of citizens and households in the territory in order to identify existing risk situations that may lead to homelessness in the near future.

One View enables this preventive approach by using advanced analytical models to identify people at risk, with the aim of detecting potential problems 6 to 9 months before a crisis. In addition, the service provides long-term monitoring, so that social services can also evaluate the effectiveness of the interventions put in place, and adjust them. The specialised software provides robust information governance and security, with strict protocols that determine access levels.

The service enables the district to achieve three objectives. The first is to improve the quality of life of residents by providing the necessary contact and assistance when needed. Secondly, a prevention of evolving needs with better informed and targeted interventions. In other words, social service professionals in the district have a unique view that allows them to select the most appropriate and effective course of action in each case. Finally, it contributes to the management of the demand for social and housing services, generating savings due to the combination of improved interventions and predictive information to identify at-risk situations.