An app for refugees arriving in Europe

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An app for refugees arriving in Europe


Refugee Aid App is an application for migrants and refugees who arrive in Europe to enable them to identify the services they are eligible for and to locate them on a map.

On the services side, human aid and social service NGOs can manage and update their service catalogue, depending on needs and on urgency, through the application’s website. Metges Sense Fronteres, Càritas or Save the Children are some of the international NGOs that are collaborating with the app.

One of the app’s outstanding functionalities is that it safeguards privacy, since in these cases migrants and refugees are often afraid of being returned to the countries of origin if they are identified by the authorities. The application is available for Android and IOs in the United States, Turkey, Greece, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Malta.