InterRAI, a comprehensive geriatric assessment instrument

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InterRAI, a comprehensive geriatric assessment instrument


A set of multidimensional geriatric assessment instruments designed to determine the psychosocial and functional capacity and needs of the elderly. The aim is to develop a comprehensive treatment and long-term follow-up plan based on a set of standardized items that can be used in various care settings.

InterRai works in such a way that social and health professionals talk to users and their families (people over 65 years of age), while making observations and using other information. The assessor codes this information with software that creates a picture of the person’s functional, social and health needs and opportunities, as well as individualized and specialized care support that is included in an anonymous database. Data collected from the population can be used for planning, research and service development.

Outcomes include validated scales and measures, as well as action points that trigger social, health and potential rehabilitation problems. Subsequently, each person can be followed up and their progress monitored. In addition, a complete profile of each user is created, minimizing the assessment burden and ensuring an individual perspective.

The tool is committed to improving health and social care around the world to ensure affordable, quality access to all people. When data becomes the core of understanding the care needs of older people, digital tools and proven solutions that can be applied on a large scale to help older people, caregivers and policy makers are needed to be used.