Therapeutic gardens for dementia or Alzheimer patients

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Therapeutic gardens for dementia or Alzheimer patients

Fontenuovo, Mati 1909, Generali Arredamenti

Foto: Mati 1909

In January 2016, the Fontenuovo residence opened a unit for Alzheimer’s patients that includes an innovative therapeutic garden designed by a multidisciplinary team that emphasizes the social value of the garden.

The design meets the requirements defined in the most recent scientific studies aimed at improving the health, behavior and quality of life of patients. Thus space is planned naturally, with inputs, outputs, paths, work and rest areas and well-defined points of reference that allow easy orientation and reduce the feeling of insecurity. The garden has five sensorial areas that contain more than thirty plant species and that allow the stimulation of the senses of the patients.

Other Italian institutions and companies are working on the design of these types of gardens. Recently, two companies, Mati 1909 and Generali Arredamenti, presented in Pistoia a garden prototype for patients with Alzheimer’s disease, also with the aforementioned general characteristics.

MATI 1909