Voiceitt, voice assistant for people with speech impairments

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Voiceitt, voice assistant for people with speech impairments


Image from Voiceitt.

An application that allows people with speech impairments to use intelligent voice assistants. Voicett is an accessibility application for people with speech disabilities or speech impairments that learns the particularities of the atypical speech of these people and translates it into the voice assistants on the market, so that they can use them for their conversations and daily routines like other citizens.

The app analyses the voice data, cadence, breathing, pauses, etc. of each person and, by means of automatic learning, learns and models the speech patterns to understand what they are saying. In addition, a team of experts continuously analyses speech samples to calibrate and refine the algorithm to achieve accurate interpretation for an increasingly wide range of speech forms.

The time Voiceitt takes to train varies from person to person. In general, it takes only a few minutes to make a sentence available for use, while in other cases it needs to have several recordings of the person’s voice.

As for languages, since Voiceitt learns each person’s unique speech patterns, it can accommodate phrases in any language. Currently, the application interface (including instructions, settings page, error messages, etc.) is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Hebrew, while the application’s pre-written phrases are all in English. Individuals can create customized phrases and scenarios in the language of their choice.


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