Case Compass, social services case management toolkit 

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Case Compass, social services case management toolkit 

World Bank Group, Rapid Social Response 

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A set of tools that the World Bank makes available to social service practitioners in any country with the aim of facilitating their work, promoting the social protection actions of governments and improving case management services. 

Case management is a social protection strategy that meets the needs of a wide range of populations. It is a goal-based and highly user-centred process, requiring assessment of the needs of the user. In the case of social services, the most frequent targets are low-income families, unemployed or jobseekers, children and the elderly. Social workers are responsible for supporting these people in solving individual or family problems, facilitating their access to services through an agreed action plan. 

To facilitate case management, the Case Compass tools include catalogues of available programmes, forms for assessment and design of intervention plans with families, manuals to support each phase of the intervention cycle, protocols and referral mechanisms, and support material for daily social work practice. In this way, the World Bank aims to support local social service operators and provide them with the possibility to adapt the tools to their specific context.  

Case Compass also offers a prototype –the Case Management Information System (CMIS)– which provides information on beneficiaries and collects and details the progress of any intervention or referral in internal or third party services. Finally, Case Compass offers personalised advice to social services teams to set up and run the platform’s tools. 

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