Sensorisation of social housing

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Sensorisation of social housing

Cellnex Telecom, Alokabide, m4Social

Foto: Unsplash

Project for the incorporation of the Internet of things in the domestic sphere to improve energy efficiency in the management of social housing. Begins in Catalonia with a pilot project involving the foundations Familia i Benestar Social, Iniciativa Social, Habitat3 and Foment de l’habitatge social, with the support of Cellnex Telecom and the m4Social program of the Third Sector Platform. Subsequently, it is extended to the Basque Country, through a commission from the public society Alokabide to sensitize social housing public homes located in the Zabalgana neighborhood of Vitoria-Gasteiz.

The installed sensors are: water consumption, electrical consumption, gas consumption, temperature and humidity of the home. The data is stored in a secured digital platform that the company makes available to the participating organizations. Through software, these institutions that manage social housing parks can see all the information on their homes in a control panel.