Exchange of good practices in the use of technological tools for the social and labor inclusion of young people with mental or emotional health problems.


Erasmus + project for the exchange of good practices between European organizations specializing in the socio-labour inclusion of young people with mental or emotional health problems, in relation to the use of technological tools that improve the effectiveness of interventions and taking into account the lessons learned about this matter during the health crisis of the Covid-19.

StepForME (Steps Forward to Meaningful Employment of young people with emotional well-being problems after the Covid-19 pandemic) seeks to share different models of community intervention with these young people, and to do so with the participation of both professionals from NGO that support them as young people themselves.

The employability of young people with mental health or emotional well-being problems has always been lower and more complex than that of the general youth population. Emotional well-being problems, which often lead to diagnosed mental health disorders, lead to deficiencies and barriers of all kinds that make it difficult for many young people to enter the job market.

To this existing difficulty must be added the impact that Covid-19 has had, which has aggravated this type of problem in the young population throughout Europe. At the same time, however, the health crisis has also allowed a sudden acceleration of the digital transformation and has led to greater awareness of the potential of technology to achieve more effective socio-labour interventions for young people with fewer opportunities.

StepForME aims to address this challenge by making available to youth workers and young people themselves a set of innovative practices supported by the use of digital tools that have been shown to be effective in improving their well-being and employability, before, during and after the pandemic.

Project results

Hand-Book of Good Practices


The following document is a handbook that displays how technology can help improve the community, social and labour intervention with young people with emotional or mental health issues. To further highlight this and give practical examples, it contains an in-depth explanation of four good practices for using tech tools and an inventory of tech tools that can be helpful for the intervention with young people.


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Partners from Austria, Ireland and Slovakia

Chance B Gruppe
Aunua Academy

Partners from Catalonia

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Fundació El Maresme Discapacitats

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